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Keynote Speaker


1. Professor Pavel N. Zakharov, D.Sc

Director of Institute of Economics and Management of Vladimir State University (VlSU), Vladimir, Russia.

Title :  The Concession Model in the Tourist and Recreational Sphere in the Regions with Lack of the Self-Development Capacity.


At most Russian regions very necessary are need to solve the contradiction between reach tourist and recreation potential (a lot of picturesque, memorable places of architecture, landscape, attractions, monuments of culture, archeology, etc.) and possibilities to satisfice demand from tourist flow (internal and international tourist flow). This aspect are restrain sustainable regions socio-economic development in the long term in view of the definition of tourism and recreation in their strategies as one of the more perspective way.

The main restrictions in the use of tourist and recreational resources are: low quality of tourist services, insufficient development of tourist and supporting infrastructure (hotels, catering facilities, etc.), high level of wear and tear, which requires significant investment in the restoration of historical sites and their improvement. And the most promising tool in smoothing this contradiction is the use of public-private partnership, namely a specific model of concession in the development of tourism and recreational areas of the regions.

The purpose of this article is identifying the prerequisites and limitations of the self-development potential formation of tourist and recreational areas in the Russia center regions (on the materials of Vladimir, Ivanovo, Kostroma and Yaroslavl regions), and the development of a model of concession in the tourism and recreational sector in relation to the specifics of the conditions of regions with insufficient potential for self-development.

The study used the following methods and tools: system approach, as well as the use of General methods (methods of comparison and analogy, analysis and synthesis) and General scientific (normative and positive, etc.) research methods, as well as methods of modeling of socio-economic processes.

The result of the research is a model of concession in the development of tourism in the Russia center regions. At the same time, it is proved that in regions with insufficient potential for self-development, the most acceptable will be those concession models that involve significant guarantees from the public authorities. In view of the limited budget resources of the Russia center regions, the most relevant source may be the resources of state financial development institutions or various funds accumulating funds on both market (rental) and non-market basis (instruments of state stimulation).


Pavel N. Zakharov is a Director of Institute of Economics and Management of Vladimir State University (VlSU), Vladimir, Russia. Also he is currently a professor of Economics and Strategic Management Department of VlSU. He has more than 15 years of experience in teaching, in research and in academic leadership in the field of economics and strategic management.

He has been serving in different roles such as co-editor-in chief, associate editor, editorial review committee, member of several scientific journals. Dr. Zakharov has been involved in international professional activities including organizing conferences and serving as conference and program committee chair. He has co-edited several books in the area of economics and strategic management. He has more than 100 papers published in journals and conference proceedings.


2. Prof. Dr. Made Budiarsa, M.A.

Title :  The Polite Communication in Tourism Industry


This paper is aimed at discussing the importance of polite English as a means of Communication in tourism Industry. Those people in tourism business who provide service to the customers need to be able to use  English in polite manner to show their profesional skill.English language as an International language is often used by tourist service providers to interact with customers in their daily activities. In tourism industry service encouter is very important to be taken into consideration by everyone who involves in this kind of business, so to be able to use polite English is really needed. It is because of the fact that all customers who come to visit a country as tourists expect to be treated with excellent services to satisfy their needs. So that is why those tourist service providers are very much necessary to have profesional communiation skills. The role played by the service encounter actors are not only how to behave and act properly as their work needed but also able to use polite English   is very important to support their career choice. How they must do this important need in order to support their performence is to be able to choose and use appropriate English expressions to be used to interact with the customers in their daily job activities. The polite service will result in giving good impression to the clients and this will bring possitive effects to the business in tourism industry.


Lecturer at Udayana University.
at the present Head of Doctorate Tourism Program.
Used to be Director for Academics purpuses Postgraduate Program Udayana University.